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Our consultants have a broad range of expertise and a proven track record of delivering bespoke acoustic advice and robust technical reports on both small scale and major projects, including residential, industrial, offices, retail, education, healthcare and leisure/entertainment projects.

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Quality, Value, Responsive

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality Acoustic Consultancy service with a pricing structure that offers exceptional value for money, in addition to an agile service for site surveys and report delivery.

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Industry Specialists

We specialize in acoustics for planning applications, architectural acoustic design, and noise modelling using proprietary software, always ensuring that the solutions we offer are robust, cost effective and practical.

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About Us

We are an acoustic consultancy specialising in acoustics for planning applications and architectural acoustic design

Our Services

We offer the full range of acoustic consultancy services and are experienced in dealing with all types of projects, both big and small

Our Clients

We provide acoustic consultancy services to assist private developers and homeowners, commercial businesses, and other large organisations through the planning, design and commissioning phases of the project

Our Services

Planning Noise Assessments for New 'Noise Sensitive' Developments, Noise Surveys & Façade Design

Noise Surveys and Noise Impact Assessments enable the specification and design of façade elements for proposed developments near to existing sources of noise (including residential developments, hotels, offices, schools and healthcare facilties).

Transportation noise sources such as roads, railways and airports, as well as noise from nearby commercial/industrial premises all need to be suitably controlled via the facade design to ensure internal noise levels compatable with the buildings use and function.

Our services include noise assessments in acordance with all design standards for all building types, such as BS8233, WHO Guidelines, ProPG, AVO, BCO, BB93, HTM08:01, BREEAM

Planning Noise Assessments for New 'Noise Generating' Developments such as Restaurants, Entertainment Venues, Places of Worship, Industrial Units, Retail, and Leisure Facilities

When a new noise source is introduced into a noise sensitive area, a Noise Survey and Noise Impact Assessment enables suitable mitigation proposals to ensure that noise associated with the use does not negatively impact existing noise sensitive receivers.

This could include a new ground floor restaurant with residential use on the first floor and the appropriate specification and design of the separating party floor, or noise breakout from the facade of a new music venue to residential receivers across the road and the specification of the external building fabric.

Noise from external areas such as outdoor restaurant seating, public house beer gardens, nurseries, multi use games areas, school playgrounds, or other such external noise sources can also be assessed.

Our services include noise assessments in acordance with specific Local Authority requirements as well as standards and guidance such as BS4142, BREEAM Pol 05, IEMA Guidelines for Environmental Noise Impact Assesment, DEFRA guidance on noise from pubs and clubs, BS8233, WHO Guidelines

Planning Noise Assessments for the Installation of New Fixed Plant Equipment

Plant Noise Impact Assessments in accordance with Local Authority guidance and BS4142 for any type of mechanical plant such as Air Conditioning Units, Kitchen Extraction Systems, Chillers, Air Source Heat Pumps, Air Handling Units, Plant Rooms, Substations and Energy Centres

We provide expert advice on suitable sound insulation design targets and detailed acoustic designs to meet your requirements, for any project, large or small.

We cover small residential refurbishments to large mixed-use schemes (residential/office/commercial), as well as hotels, schools and healthcare facilities.

Our services include designs in accordance with relevant standards for all building types, such as Approved Document E of the Building Regulations, BCO, BB93, HTM08:01, BREEAM Hea 05, BS8233, as well as Client specific requirements.

Good acoustic design can fail due to poorly designed junctions.

'Flanking sound' is where excess sound passes at the abutment point of construction elements. Well designed junctions are crucial in the overall acoustic integrity of the build.

Acoustic detailing of mechanical services penetrations through separating walls and floors is a crucial factor in ensuring acoustic integrity is maintained in acoustically rated partitions.

We provide detailed assessments and prediction of mechanical services noise within residential, hotel, offices, schools and healhcare facilities to meet internal ambient noise targets, as well as suitable mitigation strategies and attenuation schedules.

In situations where speech privacy is important, we can specify suitable crosstalk attenuators to reduce noise transfer via ducted systems that pass between noise sensitive spaces.

We provide noise level predictions at closest noise sensitive properties and steps to minimise noise, vibration and dust in accordance with BS5228 to support Section 61 applications.

If required, a computerised noise map can be prepared based on site operations and equipment used throughout the phases of the construction, enabling works or demolition works.

If a visualisation of a particular noise scenario is required, we can prepare a noise map which presents a coloured graphical representation of sound level distribution over an area.

Whilst noise maps can be created for any scenario, the most typical would be:

  • construction and demolition activity
  • BS4142 assessments for industrial areas
  • noise breakout assessments for function rooms, nightclubs, bars, etc
  • external noise propagation assessments for multi use games areas, school sports pitches, etc

Our on site noise surveys enable the estimatation of an employee's exposure to noise (this needs to take account of the work they do or are likely to do; the ways in which they do the work; and how it might vary from one day to the next).

Based on the site measurements, an assessment of the risk to health and safety created by exposure to noise at the workplace can then be undertaken.

The assessment can then allow methods to control exposure to noise at the workplace e.g. provision of hearing protection, methods of reducing the noise of specific 'noisy' equipment, etc.

About Us

At ES Acoustics, our experienced consultants have a proven track record of delivering bespoke acoustic advice and robust technical reports on both small scale and major projects.

Being a small company, our lower overheads allow us to offer you exceptional value for money in addition to an agile service for site surveys and report delivery.

Our goal is to build and foster great working relationships with the companies and clients we collaborate with, while doing the work we love!

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